Portfolios: Project Name cuts off, but only sometimes

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

As a paid user of the Portfolios feature, I’m finding that Projects added will arbitrarily cutoff part of the Name field, shortening with a … at the end if a status update is ever added. This occurs regardless of abundant column space, and regardless of fact that before adding a status there is already a place holder of “No Recent Updates” in the spot.

This issue is making Portfolios frustrating for sharing due to requirement for clicking into every single project simply to see a 3-6 word Project Name.

Steps to reproduce:

Add a project to Portfolio, which has at least 3+ words in the name and no recent “Status Updates”. Note the whole name displays. Then add a status update. Note the name shortens.

Browser version:

Safari 12.0.1 and Chrome v.73+

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Kyle_Formella and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for taking the time to report this issue, I’ve reached out to our Development Team and will be in touch as soon as I have an update!

Again, sincere apologies for the trouble and thank you so much for your patience!

Thank you. I hope the team is able to resolve this, as right now I’m deliberately deleting “status updates” in order to allow the project title to fully display.

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I would LOVE for the Project title column to be wider. Whenever I spend time in Portfolios, I always go into the browser developer tools and widen the Project Title column so I can see the full title of the projects. It seems ridiculously narrow to me and I’m always frustrated by it. Can we make this wider somehow?


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Hey @Lena_Masek_Roberson, thank you for taking the time to share this great feedback with us and for also taking the time to add screenshots!

This seems to have been escalated already: Portfolios: Project Name cuts off, but only sometimes

I have gone ahead and merged your thread into the Bug, I hope you don’t mind.

Thanks, but this isn’t a bug, it’s consistent and seems like a design choice…

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Hey @Lena_Masek_Roberson, I completely understand what you mean.

Please be assured that this has been brought to the attention of our Development Team, once I hear from them I will make sure to post about it on this thread!

I am very sorry for any hassle this may be causing you, thank you for your patience while this is being reviewed.

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The reason I interpret it as a bug is because that Project Name div width is much wider when there is no status update shown for a project. It only becomes shrunk once once a status update is added. It’s quite odd. I’ve found that by deleting all status updates for a project I can restore the full name of a project in the Portfolio view.

Since the absence of a status update still consumes the same screen space for the status column, it doesn’t seem related to a reallocation of div space.

Gotcha. Makes sense.

Hi folks :wave:t3:

Our Team has just pushed a fix for this issue, it be live in the next couple of days so marking this one resolved for now! Please let us know if you happen to have issues later on this week!

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Good to hear, thanks! I will let other leaders at my org know.

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Hi @Marie any update on the issue that @Lena_Masek_Roberson flagged? We still see project names cut off when there’s plenty of space to show them. I saw Lena’s original post but it got closed and merged with this one, so I can’t upvote.

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