Portfolios - Filter by Team

It would be very helpful for us to have the ability to filter portfolios by team. We have a portfolio for all the work we have in house and then have portfolios for each team. Every time we make a new project we add it to the main portfolio and then add it to its appropriate team portfolio. If we had a way to filter the main portfolio by team, we could remove the other portfolios saving us time and helping us avoid errors.

A portfolio contains projects, whatever team they are in, so I don’t think that it would make sense in a “data model” perspective… :thinking: But it does make sense in your case, I’ll upvote :wink:


HI @David36 and thank you so much for your feedback!

You are completely right, as it stands it is no possible to filter portfolios by team but I can see why you would find it useful.

I don’t have any information on this topic at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I hear anything on my end!

Have a great day! :wave:


@David36 Until (if) that feature request comes along, I bet you could save yourselves time by just having the “All Work” portfolio and eliminating the multiple team portfolios. Instead add a “Team” custom field to the “All Work” portfolio. Use the Change View > Sort by > feature to select your Team custom field to see all work grouped by teams.

Hope that might help as an easier interim workaround,



Thanks for the suggestion! I’d prefer a team filter instead of custom field. If I could filter by team, then I could sort by priority. Having that filter would be a best case scenario so that I’d have the best of both worlds - filtering and sorting. Adding a custom field of “Team” is better than creating a team portfolio, but still requires an extra step. I’m assigning projects to teams already when I add the project, so the team filter would reduce steps and lessen the chance for error.

With that said, I really appreciate the suggestion and will give it a try. Thanks!



@David36, I agree and upvoted; my suggestion was only offered as a workaround. It’s a good idea; Asana already has the info on the team membership so you shouldn’t have to provide it again, as you say.