Portfolios - add "About this Project" column, and key milestones

  1. Would be nice to have an option to show the “About this Project” content in the Portfolios views, so others would not have to click each one to better understand the scope of each project.

  2. The ability to show milestone dates of a specific name as a column (for example, every project that has a milestone called “Release” would appear in the Release column).

Welcome to the Forum @Sean_Penn and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

We generally recommend to create one thread per feedback as it is easier for users to upvote for the specific feature request and for us to follow-up on.

I was able to find an existing thread requesting to add the Project Description in the Portfolio view (since the date and owner are already displayed) : Add Project Description in the Porfolio view

There are others threads you might be interested in upvoting:

I hope this helps Sean but please, feel free to create a new thread regarding Milestones if you believe these threads don’t represent your suggestion.

Have a lovely day!