Our company has adopted Asana across the organization as our project management and initiative tracking tool. We’ve been providing updates to the executive team using portfolios.
One thing we’ve had difficulty with is providing the high level recap for all projects in a portfolio with the current view.
For one, some teams have milestones charted for the entire year, and their milestones fill up the column. Being able to filter milestones / tasks with a date range would help limit the project view to the next month or quarter and allow us to use our current layout simply.
We’ve discussed chopping up projects into Quarterly views, but want to keep visibility in a single project.
The second, when exporting or viewing milestones, it’s required to mouse over the milestone globes to get a write up, we’d love to be able to see the full milestone description in the row or in the export so we can print the portfolio view and utilize that for all project updates.


Hi @Darby_Meegan! Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Generally, we don’t recommend to provide multiple feedback in one thread since it’s hard for us to follow-up and for other members to upvote for a particular suggestion.

I was able to find a a few threads in the Forum regarding the topics you have mentioned in this thread:

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Thank you very much Darby! Have a great day!