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Is there a way to show which section is currently “active” in a project through the summary visible inside a portfolio? So as we move from “onboarding” to “active” have it show “active” with a quick look in the portfolio without it being a manual change in the status.

Hi @Chelsea_Davis1

Nothing native, however, you can set a Portfolio custom field which can then be set in the project status under the Overview tab.

Portfolio CF

Project Status


Thank you! That is what I thought. I was hoping that I could use something automated so I wouldn’t have to rely on a manual update. I have 150 individual projects in this portfolio so automation would be ideal

if you do not want to do a project update, then click on the down caret next to the project name > then project details > and update the CF from there.

Not sure how to automate as how would Asana know of the status change unless you told it?

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Welcome, @Chelsea_Davis1,

In your portfolio, consider changing the Progress Type from Task to Milestone; any milestones you define in your projects will automatically appear as a row of colored, hoverable dots, telling you if the milestone is upcoming, late, or completed. You can see project detailed status this way, automatically rolled up, just by peppering your projects with meaningful milestones and marking them complete as done, naturally. No extra custom fields and updates needed.

Hope that helps,


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