Portfolio Search Not Working

I have created a new portfolio that I want to store completed projects in. However when I search for certain projects they do not appear. I thought it may have been because the projects are archived but some archived projects appear in the recommended projects and un-archiving the project does not fix the issue. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrect?

Separately if anyone knows a way to bulk add projects to a portfolio I would be all ears.

Hi @Brandon_Feister :wave:t5:

In order to better understand what might be the issue here can you please share the following information?

  • Is this happening with a particular project or is it happening with several projects?

  • Do you have edit rights on the Project you are trying to add? (You can confirm this by clicking on the Share button next to the Project name).

  • Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the search result when you are trying to add the this project to the Portfolio?

Regarding the option to bulk add projects to a portfolio, this is not possible yet but there is an existing thread in the #productfeedback category suggesting this feature. I would suggest you to upvote it here: Add multiple Projects to Portfolio at once

Looking forward to your reply Brandon!

HI Natalia,

I was able to resolve this issue.

The issue occured with several projects. Un-archiving them seemed to fix it but you could find some archived projects without un-archiving them so I’m not certain what the difference was.

I did have edit rights on all the projects I tried to add

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