Portfolio Custom Fields should be able to Aggregate the Totals from Projects/Tasks within the Portfolio

I have to dig into why you don’t support this currently, as it’s yet another example of going almost far enough to allow your users to create better project reporting, but creating a hard stop in the last few steps.

You support auto-updating connections to Google Sheets through Portfolios, and you support Custom Fields in portfolios. Why don’t you support those custom fields connecting automatically to paired data from the projects/tasks within the portfolio?

In my use case, I want to track total effort required across our tasks (story points, hours remaining, whatever). Your intended workflow is to require me to aggregate the totals from the tasks by hand for my portfolio each day?

Why even have the google sheet auto connect if you don’t support automated updates within the portfolio? (edit: I see - the number of tasks does auto update… I’m going to restate how utterly useless the number of tasks is as a metric for project health, because no two tasks are the same size.
This is a completely useless feature to me).

If you would automate this, you’d at least give me a way around your lack of support for burndowns, etc within the tool itself (see here Burndown Charts in Asana)

I have had several requests for this from clients and decided to build a custom-made automation. I agree it would be great to have this built-in!