Portfolio - count problem with open task if using templates

We are working with Portfolio as well as Project templates.

The problem is while working together:
We created a template master for our regular project. If we create a new project with this template and add this project to a portfolio we have a lots of open tasks cause we create invoice task as well in advance in our template. So this kind of tasks should not be counted in the project portfolio of course. Only the todo tasks.

It would be great to have for example a custom field to place a setting if this open tasks will be counted in the portfolio overview. Cause in our template next to invoice tasks we also have “create project task” which should not be counted regular to the whole project in the portfolio.

I hope i could explain this right and other Asana users have the same problem to have a solution or workaround soon for us.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Does no one other has the same problem with or are the most Asana user not Asana Business users yet?

I totally see what you’re saying. But I’m not 100% on how you setup your templates. For example, we use templates and all the tasks are unassigned, until we need them. Then they are assigned. So for me, I think a preference setting “count all tasks” “count only assigned tasks” would work to limit the portfolio display.

Would that work for you, or are your tasks already assigned?

Hi @Francesco_Alessi,

yes i can confirm with this idea and handling.
Our Asana tasks are also not assigned in the beginning to “count only assigned tasks” would work to see the right count in the portfolio display.

Should i change the title of this post to it that more people will vote for this?