Portfolio Beta Version Feedback


After being extremely disgruntled over the last couple of weeks because of the dashboard depreciation and the surprise, all-new pricing tier to get it, I bit the bullet and got access to a free trial of the enterprise version.

Honestly, I can’t even wrap my head around why there would be such a major price increase for this feature. It has almost the same functionality as the Google Sheets integration with dashboards, with very few unique features. So far, the only difference is that it lives in Asana versus an external source and you can see the project start and end dates… that’s it.

It would be great to at least use this to view everything in a calendar or timeline view, or drill down to see specific tasks… Just some additional features to help manage projects and team work more effectively. It just doesn’t seem like there’s any added value to what they’re asking us to pay out to access it.

Very disappointed in Asana and frankly feeling a bit betrayed. Promising existing customers of all the great things to come and showing us their “vision”, then asking us to fork over more money for something that doesn’t improve workflow at all…


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