Porfolio project overview popup not discoverable; Guide article incorrect

I bet most of you have never seen this popup available from every portfolio:

That’s because it’s undiscoverable unless you happen to click in the middle of the Status column or the middle of the Progress: Tasks or Milestones columns, but not on a milestone dot there.

It’s really useful. It shows all of a project’s milestones, custom fields, related goals, etc. in a popup without navigating you away from the portfolio you’re in. Useful if you have a lot of milestones (only a dozen dots are shown) or custom field columns, or for other reasons.

Please add a button for this or at least add it to the “. . .” overflow menu. It’s a major UI flaw that there is absolutely no visual indicator whatsoever to cue you to asking to see this–you’d never know it existed at all.

The Guide text shown in the screenshot “…view each project’s Milestones in the project overview by clicking on any project in a Portfolio” is incorrect. If you click in the first name project you navigate to the project itself; see above for where you must click to manifest this popup.



Thanks for providing this feedback @lpb! I agree, the call to action could be easier to discover here :slight_smile:

I’ll circle back if our Product team make any updates here!

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