'Popular' preset custom fields should be curated from existing fields in library - not create new fields

Current problem:

During training sessions and auditing clients’ Asana spaces, since the addition of this feature (the preset choices of Priority, Effort level and Cost estimate), I have seen a surge in the amount of ‘Priority’ fields that users have added locally to projects instead of using their one-and-only ‘Priority’ field which is already available from their custom field library.

Choosing and searching in the library before creating a new field is best practice and there are obvious benefits.

Making these ‘Popular’ custom fields so accessible is resulting in users naturally selecting them first, rather than checking their library - which is a nightmare. :scream:

The results I’ve seen are numerous ‘Priority’ fields within a single task’s details, because it has been multi-homed in projects that use another local ‘Priority’ field or another ‘Priority’ field added to their My tasks. Let alone the problems this creates in universal reporting and dashboards which are a mess when trying to filter or group by ‘Priority’.

This is causing users to rack their brains as how to solve it - so you can imagine how they are not at all happy when I explain it requires a very manual, cumbersome cleanup.


  1. Replace the three ‘Popular’ options with a curated list (A.I.?) of the actually most popular/used custom fields that already exist within the organisation’s library. Once selected, it would simply add that custom field to the project rather than ask to create one. :pray:
  2. Relocate ‘Choose from library’ to the top of the dropdown list to promote best practice to avoid creating duplicate custom fields. :muscle:

:notes: I trust I can rely on your vote!


Very nice suggestion and thank you for all the shared info and advice @Richard_Sather :pray:

One vote from me :ok_hand:

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I definitely agree with this. Vote added.

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Oh yes! Got my vote.

Agree that would be great

Even I added one of the new fields by mistake recently as it is promoted a lot but just clogging things up especially for long time Asana users who would have their preferred custom field structure already set up.


Hard yes!

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