Pop-out My Tasks list would be great

I like the omni button because you can add new tasks without leaving the project/page you’re working on. It would be great if you could quickly access your My Tasks list the same way. Maybe have a pop-out function similar to the omni button that just shows you tasks you’ve prioritized for today? Here’s my use case:

  • I start my day looking at my My Tasks list
  • I prioritize the work I’m going to tackle today
  • Some of that work is done outside Asana and I’m usually multi-tasking. So while I am in Asana looking at project pages, etc., I might also be completing work outside Asana.
  • It would be nice to be able to pop open my “today” list and check off work without leaving the Asana page I’m on.

My current solution is just always keeping an extra tab open for My Tasks.