Poll: What do you want as your Community homepage?


Hey folks! We’d like to make the Community feel as accessible as possible. One piece of feedback I’ve heard a few times is the desire for the homepage to be the “Latest” page rather than the “Categories” page. Please share your feedback! We’ll give it a few days to get some good feedback and then close the poll out and make a decision. Thanks for your input!

What do you want as your Community homepage?

  • I like the homepage as it is now - the Categories view
  • I want the homepage to be the Latest view

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Tie so far, but not many replies. :slight_smile: Let’s experiment with the Latest view as the homepage and see how it feels.


Hi Alexis, sorry that this comment is off topic, but would it be possible to implement this poll functionailty into asana itself?



Thanks for the suggestion!


+1 for this suggestion! So far I am creating ‘Poll Conversations’, where each choice is a comment. Whichever comment gets the most hearts wins. This actually works quite well, but a polling function would make regular polls easier to implement (over and over again) and results easier to visualize.


You could also set this up in conversations by @-mentioning tasks to include the task previews. This allows your team to vote in one click with a heart/like, and because they are tasks you could easily sort by these options in a project or search view to easily digest results. I’ve included a screen shot of how to set this up below:

First, create tasks for the options you want folks to vote on. Then create a conversation and @-mention those tasks. By @-mentioning them, it will include a task preview for each, which includes the ability to heart/like:

Once you post this, then your team can click the heart for their preferred option:
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You could then pull a search for the options, or open the project created for them and sort by hearts to see the list in order of votes: