Please update Asana Lessons

Hi team,

As the saying “practice makes perfect” goes, I think the most important thing in learning new things (e.g. how to use Asana) is to actually move your hands to experience it.
I love Asana Lessons because it’s a good way to simulate actually using the product, in a simplified and easy form.
I recommend the course to all new teammates who use Asana for the first time.

Asana Lessons has been updated about adding sections (colon to Tab+N), but it’s still outdated on some pages. I always need to tell the new members that some of the explanations are outdated and they might be different from the current behavior.

That’s a pity and I’d appreciate it if the cource can be updated with the latest information. I took the course now and here are what I found:


  • When you @mention someone, they’ll be added to your task as a follower . → Should be changed to collaborator
  • Heart a comment to let followers know you’ve seen it. → Like
  • You can also attach directly from Dropbox , Google Drive , or Box . → + OneDrive

My Tasks

  • New tasks will appear at the top of your list in Recently Assigned . → - in Recently Assigned or + You can rename the default section name
  • Prioritize tasks as Today , Upcoming , or Later. Click on the blue dot next to the task, to quickly sort it. Mark the tasks you’ll have time for Today. Mark tasks due within a week as Upcoming so you can see what will be due soon. … → They need to be fundamentally changed
  • Next, learn how to work with your team in Asana. → Nothing happened when I clicked the blue “Next” link


  • Or, add columns to organize tasks in a boards project. → I think columns are recently called sections in board view too
  • Post conversations to make announcements or start discussions. → messages
  • Use Progress to see how your project is moving forward. → Should be changed to Overview > Status


  • Click the X that appears on the right of an update to archive it. → Box icon

Gathering this feedback, I was impressed that so many updates were made to Asana in only a few years!
Of course, there have been many wonderful updates until today, so it’d be great to include them :star_struck: Thank you in advance!


Thanks, @ShunS, I’d very much like to see these updated too. I recommend these lessons to new users regularly.

Shun, remember to vote for this yourself!




Hi @ShunS, thank you for providing this feedback :raised_hands:t2:

I’ve gone ahead and passed this onto our Content team. I’ll keep you updated and let you know of any changes. :slight_smile:


How did I not know about these?! These are fantastic and I will start using them immediately for all my new users even if they are a bit outdated. Thanks for brining this up @ShunS!