Please make "Report abuse" less selectable

I use Asana forms every day.
I select all fields and the “Submit” button only by using the keyboard:

  • Tab to go to next fields
  • Spacebar to activate the dropdown
  • Type the first characters to select an option
  • Spacebar to press “Submit”

When I decide to leave the last fields empty, I press Tab several times and Spacebar once to submit the form.

The problem is that if I press Tab one extra time, I select “Report abuse” and the report is sent without a confirmation window. I contacted Asana support asking to ignore my abuse report.

Would you make the “Report abuse” link a little less accessible, using one of the following or by other means?

  1. Place the link after the link to the Privacy Statement
  2. Display a dialog to (provide the details and) confirm the report
  3. Set tabindex=-1 to the link (it might cause an accessibility issue because we’ll need a mouse to select it)

Thank you for your consideration in advance!


Oh right indeed, I think that actually happened to me before as well.

Btw @ShunS don‘t forget to upvote yourself as well :slight_smile:

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Yes, as simple confirmation page could be a good solution.

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