Please make it easier to list Projects.

Firstly there should be a simple way to show all projects that I’m part of, without having to click through all the Teams that I’m in one by one and view the Projects in each one when I’m doing a weekly review and update.

  • I don’t want to just see Recent Projects because I may miss one that’s not so recent.
  • I don’t want to rely on favourites either because that probably won’t include all of them.
  • I don’t want to have to put all the Projects into a Portfolio because that’s a static list and doesn’t update when new ones are added or removed.

I just want an All My Projects selection from the sidebar.

Also, if I set a Team as a favourite so that I can select from the sidebar, I get a list of all that team’s projects. However this view is different from the Portfolios view.
They should contain the same information (ie show the additional fields and be able to have its layout set as default. Especially needed is the missing Project Status information which is very important when doing a weekly review.
Please improve the Teams view of Projects to make it consistent with Portfolios.

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