Please make Asana available in Android share list



Dear Team,

sharing content, links and other things is most important.
Sadly, Asana is not available in Android share list for use.

Please add Asana to the list on Android, so that you can share links and other content to add it directly to a task.


Thank you very much


Hey it worked for me here is my screenshot.



@Jason_Woods Thank you for your reply. What version of Android do you use?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Android 6 and a Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus with Android 7. And it is not available on both devices. Neither for sharing links nor for sharing pictures.



Hi am using a Huawei P10 Android version is 7.0

Maybe it is something the phone blocks?



Hi Jason,

I finally figured it out. It was a Launcher add-on with a misconfigured filter list.

Thanks for your help. So this is not a feature request anymore :slight_smile: CLOSE PLEASE


@Oliver_O no worries glad you got it worked out.

@Marie can you close this. I don’t believe I can do that…



Thanks for the mention @Jason_Woods, just marked the post resolved; we can keep it open, just in case someone else ask the same question! :wink: