Please make a Premium Solo Plan

I absolutely love Asana and have been evangelizing it to everyone I come into contact within the tech and business space. As a project manager and consultant, I’ve driven a lot of people to Asana, but I think this is something I’m going to have to stop doing. The need for a solo premium account options is one of the few complaints I ever hear about Asana, but the absolute silence from the company regarding this matter is frustrating. I won’t mention names, but one of their biggest and most established competitors charges a $10 flat fee for the first 10 seats and a per seat fee for each one needed after that. That means I can get that solution for $10 as a single user with all features included. As a single user, that would cost me nearly $40 dollars here with Asana. Regardless of how much I love the software, that pricing doesn’t jive for me.

You have legions of users that would gladly upgrade to premium if only there was a reasonably priced solo premium option. The lack of this option is hard to comprehend from a business position, and the silence from the company is even harder to comprehend from a customer service / customer success position.

I love Asana, but if this matter won’t be treated seriously by the company than I will most likely have to redirect my future business for me and my clients to the competition. I would hate to have to do that, but by refusing to provide a reasonable sole premium option, I’m essentially being told that I’m not wanted as a customer. I hope that changes before I have to make a change.


Joseph, I would like to know what competitor you are using. Does it have a timeline function like what’s available in Asana premium?

I love Asana’s UI, but it’s not worthy if I used it by only one person with $37.50/month.
I so sad for Asana’s attitude to individual user. T_T


I’ve been holding out for a Premium Solo Plan for a whole year now, and I even paid for one month of Premium because I really wanted to be able to use start and end dates. But it’s just not worth it now, especially with ClickUp 2.0 coming out soon. ClickUp’s free version offers many more features than Asana’s paid version does, but I was still willing to pay for Asana instead because I prefer its UI and simplicity of use. Unfortunately, Asana’s refusal to respond to our requests for fair solo pricing seems like a slap in the face at this point. So like many others, I’m moving to ClickUp.


This looks really promising!

I love the product, but many of the features I would like (custom fields, etc) to have are only available for premium plans (5 users above). Single option would be great, and I would pay $15/mo.

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Our organization would love to use a combination of Free, Premium, and Business accounts for users that need access to the different features each tier offers. We only have 5-10 people that need the features Business offers, but this requires that we pay for about 50 Business tier accounts so that small group of project managers can access features like Portfolios and workload. I’d like to be able to choose the subscription level each of my organization’s members needs on an individual basis and pay accordingly. Having to pay for Business/Premium for everyone when many users only need Premium/Free makes Asana too expensive for us.

Additionally, I’d prefer not to be held to 5 seat increments on subscription tiers. If I have 6 people that need Business features I don’t want to have to pay $960 extra each year ($20x4x12) for 4 seats I don’t need just for that 6th person to have access. Please makes tiers subscribable on a per user basis.

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Hi @Jeff_Rizza :wave:

Thank you so much for taking time to share your feedback with us. This is a popular request in the Forum, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope that is OK.

And while I don’t have an update to share at the moment, I’ll make sure to keep you posted in this main thread.

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for your message. So is my post visible within that thread now? It says, “closed” when I go to true original post and I can’t find it in the thread you merged it with. Just not quite sure how merging works. New to the forum…


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Sorry to let you guys down, but Asana seems not to care with we all think about tiers and prices. Disappointed with the news:

Asana will be increasing pricing beginning September 5, 2019 for new customers and existing customers who make changes to their plans.
This increase will not affect you unless you make a change to your plan on or after September 5th.


Good to know, thanks a lot for the info, Neyl. Increasing prices while not adapting to potential Premium users’ needs looks not that smart – but quiet common. Pity…


Dear Asana, the roughly 20% price increase you just announced can now cover your losses on moving from tiered pricing to per seat pricing. There was no mention of changing that structure in any of your articles, so I’m very concerned you’re ignoring all the feedback in this thread. It isn’t just those that are taking the time to comment here, every premium customer feels ripped off because of your tiered pricing. Acknowledge everyone’s concerns here and then fix it.


Just got this reply from Asana Support in regards to the question “are you changing to per seat pricing?”

This is a great question, and at this time we are still set on a tiered system for seat count. But I can see how this can make Asana better and will be sure to continue this feedback to our Product team.

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I came here specifically after seeing the email from Asana regarding this move.

As a longtime partner and consultant of Asana, I am further left dissappointed and frustrated.

Here’s exactly what Asana did, and it’s a pretty dirty business tactic:

  1. Had a free/paid pricing tier and made the paid pricing tier be a 5 seat minimum requiring 1 seat accounts to purchase 4 empty seats. Annoying, but I could get over.
  2. Created a new higher pricing tier called “Business” to which then essentially abandon all new feature creation to be exclusive to the higher tier while charging 2x the price while still requiring the 5 seat tiered pricing. (1st MAJOR red flag)
  3. Took a feature that people used on the premium tier (dashboard) and got rid of it, putting the updated replacement behind the business tier. We are now removing features from paid users and putting it behind a paywall, trying to get people to upgrade to a new tier for old functionality updated. (2nd MAJOR red flag)
  4. Likely weren’t successful at upgrading people to the higher Business tier due to dirty business practices above, so they finally decided that they need to do a price hike. Dangling the “grandfathered pricing” carrot Infront of people’s faces to finally try and get them to move to the “Business” pricing tier from Premium. Either be pressured to upgrade to the Business tier for a 50% premium now to be grandfathered in at better pricing (if you ever envision yourself moving to the business tier, because that’s where the software features are being added), or pay the 75% increase whenever you choose to upgrade to the business tier after-the-fact. Pricing decisions should be made based on value, not pressuring your loyal customer base to make a decision based on fear missing out in the future. (3rd MAJOR red flag and likely the final straw for most)

Asana, you have a community of customers and partners that love your software, but I’m just about over it with your pricing practices. Especially with more project management competitors on the market than ever. It just comes off quite a bit shady and anti-consumer.

The simplest solution is to remove the seat minimum so you stop having people with 1-2 seats paying as if they have 5 and to raise your prices on each tier. That’s fair and still far in your favor.

But you’re doing the worst of both worlds and genuinely showing that you do not value the SMB market, your partners, or consultants at all. It’s upsetting.


Thank you for the appreciated info abass,

We are relatively new to Asana with our team – and I strongly promoted Asana internally not knowing this background.

We planned to upgrade to Asana Premium but given this “development” and not being able to choose the amount of minimal users for a Premium account maybe it’s a better idea just to decide for another solution in the market as long as we haven’t built up a huge team and tasks history with Asana.

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This isn’t a development problem. This is a business problem. I understand that ROI is important for any company but pricing yourself out of reach of those who could further sell your product internally within a business is a race to the bottom. Perhaps that is your intent. Rely on classic sales teams to push your product rather than organic growth. Valid model I guess but you’ve alienated this user.


So, new to Asana today, liked the product, went to upgrade (having seen the headline price) only to find the 5 user minimum. I work in flexible teams, and potentially could be recommending Asana to various clients, but this inflexibility that hampers SMEs, businesses dipping a toe in, or even those businesses that are one-person-bands now but could see huge growth. I’ll stick with the free plan, live without the extra features, and probably be lured elsewhere in due course. Where I go, my clients typically do as well.

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FWIW, I would happily upgrade to Business if I could do so with a solo plan.

Paying $40 per month for 5 seats, while also being left out of most new features, is…not fun.