Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Why is this not a thing yet? If everyone that voted (currently at 286 votes) subscribed for 1-year at $10 per month alone would generate $34,320. I know it’s probably smaIl change, but there is upside from that from people who have not voted. Is that enough to make the programing changes to keep people in Asana rather than elsewhere?

If you are worried about increased support cost, maybe offer an Personal Premium package that doesn’t include customer support?


To add, the topic has nearly 10,000 views and 800 likes! Come on Asana!


If Asana is for teams and you don’t want to make it easily available for soloprenours then what’s the excuse for not having a plan for a team of 2 people. I love the app, the UI, the structure it’s really good but I want to use the premium features. At the same time paying for 5 people is definitely not an option. Guess what happens with rigid organisations over time? Yes, you guessed it. People are starting to look for alternatives, and there are more than plenty of them nowdays and they pop up more and more. (Wrike, monday, clickup)


I have only been using Asana for a short time and it is getting extremely frustrating that when I want to do something relatively simple, it says I can only do it if I upgrade to Premium. Great! Happy to! (Not kidding!) But I am a solopreneur and there isn’t a plan for one. Think of all the solopreneurs that you are missing out on, who will one day be zillionaires and hiring gobs of staff to support their business, but they will have moved on to another platform that allows them to use all the functionality and doesn’t discriminate because we are only one person. FOR NOW. :slight_smile: Let me test it out for myself so when I grow, I’m already fully leveraging the product and will naturally have the rest of my team added when the time comes. Solopreneurs want to be organized too and have complex projects that need to be planned and executed on. Thank you for listening! My blog readers would love to hear great things about this product, but they won’t if I can’t say great things because I can’t use it in full! :slight_smile:


I’ve been using Asana for a short time and find it frustrating that there isn’t a Premium Solo Plan. I am starting to research other platforms.


I seldom find myself in the forums for a product begging the business to take my money. Even rarer are businesses that see such demand and refuse to act. I keep revisiting Asana in hopes a solo plan is added, but it’s been years. At this point I’m seeking an alternative just on principal.


Sole proprietor here interested in Business Solo Plan. I’d pay $40-$45 a month. Current cost ($120 a month) for only me is a bit of a gut punch. The trial was great though; seemed like a nice product.

Thanks for the recommendation. Bitrix24 looks great!

+1, I am bit confuse about the silence on Asana’s side on this


Voting for a solo or Team of 2 pricing structure. I just got charged for 5 seats, just for myself over a year!!! All pricing pages list Asana pricing as per user per month. There is not mention of the tier pricing or minimum seats of 5 per subscription under the main pricing page. Only reference to this is listed down the bottom of the page, hidden in a tabbed FAQ section about pricing. I have done a lot of research and really like Asana and the integrations. However, if I had known the cost before setting up my organisation in Asana I would have went with another product.

Asana! Please consider a smaller team tier in your pricing structure! Also, maybe list the tiered pricing structure at the top of your pricing page. This is extremely deceiving advertising, it should be listed underneath the price per user per month that you have to buy a minimum of 5 seats.

It was not very nice finding out about this when the invoice was sent to me. I like your product, but this has really affected my perception of Asana.

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I agree and upvote. As teamleader I guess I coul’d upgrade my account, but the whole team don’t need it and I don’t want to pay for 9 other people with no reason.

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I agree. I feel a bit deceived by the advertising that premium is $9.99/user. I am realizing as I’ve done more research that project management tools in particular seem to price this way but CRM, Email Campaign tools all of that shows the price for the upgrade no matter the user. MUCH CLEARER and transparent.

I’d happily pay $10 - $15/mo for the premium plan for a solo user. Maybe up to $20. I have resisted the urge to use all the features because it’s out of my budget. I mostly just want the timeline feature.


Second this!

Agree!! I want to use the premium plan and scale up!

For the last year I have had a 15 seat premium plan at the cost of $1125.00/yr. We needed 16 seats, but that would have been $2398.00/yr. Now my main project is finished and I have changed my role in the company.

For the next 9-12 months my project work will be solo work, preparing various project that in time will initiate several projects, with various groups of people in our department. One team will eventually need 6 seats for a long periode of time. Another project (if we get the funding, and we will) will need 20 seats in phase one and + 11-12 in phase two.

Do the math on this structure, and you will soon see how your pricing plan is a hard sell to my boss.

Combine this with the fact that I alone would have to pay $375.00/yr for the pre-project phase. To be frank, the pricing plan is a total “show stopper” for us (public service).

I simply can´t work on the free plan preparing my projects lacking key functionality. In the same time I refuse to ever again work through a project without the “seats” necessary. Cost matters and management does not like to throw money out the window.

I truly believe a fair priced single user plan would benefit asana greatly. There are many good tools to choose from and most of the top tools have similar pricing structures. Why not be one of the first (really good) project management tools that also invites the solo users to join? Then sort out a dynamic plan with a pay pr. user structure. Why alienate the 6,11,16,21 teams and so on? Not to mention the 31,41 seat teams (and so on) having to pay the 9 extra unused seats. It makes no sense to me. The $6.25/mo for small teams/businesses to make Asana affordable is a great offer if you ned 5 or 10 seats. 6 or 11? Not so much.

Look at one of you main competitors (monday). Single user license + 4 guests billed as one. Imo they are not as good, but if you put 12 months of work into it, you will not switch when it´s time to invite the rest of your team.

To put it bluntly, you are turning down business. I mean no disrespect by this post, you run your company the way you want. You have made a great product, which I have enjoyed working with.

Anyways. It has been fun.

Kind regards


+1,000,000 here. I too have had the “We are looking into this” line over a year ago and it is painful to have the premium and business features shoved down my throat every time I click on a tab, but because I am unable to justify the purchase of five seats for my business, when I only need one.

Timeline? “Noooo Mr. Freelancer, no advanced features for you.” Proofing? Nope. “No dice, Mr. Designer. Because you work for yourself, how could you possibly need a feature like this?”

Um, because it would literally be life changing, and I would pay any reasonable amount you would wish to charge for access to Premium or Business features.

I have a money literally setting itself on fire to pay for all the advanced features Asana has, and I cannot for the life of me understand how the company can leave such an oversized wad of cash on the table from all of the many designers, developers, marketers, project managers and Lord knows who else, who would giddily flock towards these paid features in Asana, if there was a sane (i.e. not paying for five seats when I only need one) way of giving Asana money.

I am SURE that the passion this would create in the freelance world, and the referrals and word of mouth that would bring hoards of new freelancers and too-small-teams-for-five-seats to the business, would be enough of a benefit to justify this??!!!

The best project management app in the world (but only for teams of five or more).

Come ON, Asana!!


It has been over 2 years since this feedback was written, and based on replies it appears the pricing structure has remained unchanged. Their license model is incredibly out of date! Having prices divided into a tiered structure absolutely makes sense, but only selling licenses in “bundles” (i.e., you can buy 5 licenses but not 3) is a cheap scam. You have a fantastic product people will pay money for, but this license structure is the type of scummy behavior you’d find in obscure unused apps near the bottom of the internet or in a pawn shop.

Additionally-- single user licenses, please. How is this a difficult thing to implement? C’mon already


Yes, please make the premium plan available to solo entrepreneurs as well. I would be happy to pay $10 to $15 a month or as a yearly fee $110 to $160. It would be awesome. The plan for minimum 5 seats is really too much for me as a solo business owner. Thank you Asana Team for making it possible to love and use your tool including premium features.



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