Please make a Premium Solo Plan


Why is this not a thing yet? If everyone that voted (currently at 286 votes) subscribed for 1-year at $10 per month alone would generate $34,320. I know it’s probably smaIl change, but there is upside from that from people who have not voted. Is that enough to make the programing changes to keep people in Asana rather than elsewhere?

If you are worried about increased support cost, maybe offer an Personal Premium package that doesn’t include customer support?


To add, the topic has nearly 10,000 views and 800 likes! Come on Asana!


If Asana is for teams and you don’t want to make it easily available for soloprenours then what’s the excuse for not having a plan for a team of 2 people. I love the app, the UI, the structure it’s really good but I want to use the premium features. At the same time paying for 5 people is definitely not an option. Guess what happens with rigid organisations over time? Yes, you guessed it. People are starting to look for alternatives, and there are more than plenty of them nowdays and they pop up more and more. (Wrike, monday, clickup)


I have only been using Asana for a short time and it is getting extremely frustrating that when I want to do something relatively simple, it says I can only do it if I upgrade to Premium. Great! Happy to! (Not kidding!) But I am a solopreneur and there isn’t a plan for one. Think of all the solopreneurs that you are missing out on, who will one day be zillionaires and hiring gobs of staff to support their business, but they will have moved on to another platform that allows them to use all the functionality and doesn’t discriminate because we are only one person. FOR NOW. :slight_smile: Let me test it out for myself so when I grow, I’m already fully leveraging the product and will naturally have the rest of my team added when the time comes. Solopreneurs want to be organized too and have complex projects that need to be planned and executed on. Thank you for listening! My blog readers would love to hear great things about this product, but they won’t if I can’t say great things because I can’t use it in full! :slight_smile:

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