Please make a Premium Solo Plan

I’m facing the same issue, would you be open to sharing an account? As Asana provides private projects I won’t be able to see your projects, and it’d be $19 instead of $38 per month.


hmm in the meantime I changed to Bitrix24.

But I have the same issue here, also costs around the same.

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Would also love a single user option so I can use visual layouts.

Couldn’t agree more with this. I recently signed up for a free trial of premium. I love the features but can’t justify paying for empty seats when there’s just me and my partner using it.

I realised I had even signed up and cancelled for this exact reason one time before.

Asana… please do something about this… you’re missing the trick here!

I tryed Asana now for 30 days and want to upgrade to Premium, and now i see they is a 5 User minimum?

When i checked for prices there is a offer from $9.99 per user per month*

Thats totally disappointing that theres a minimum of 5 users!

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Yeah, I feel terribly misled when the offer says $9.99/mo then it’s actually $37.50!


Can we get licences per person? (I think) I just recently I saw that Asana took a step back in this by limiting licences to 5 person increments. Can we swing this in the opposite direction? I want control around adding licences to individuals, not teams. I want my staff to be equipped to their role, not whatever features are available in a project or team. Power, please. Having to upgrade in chunks is one of the biggest blockers for us, but if we can have a diverse mix of guests, free, Premium and Business - it’s a lot easier to advocate and naturally grow buy-in.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts @asherterpstra, very valid points.

I saw that there was already an existing topic for this so I went ahead and moved your thread here.

The more votes = the more chances our Development Team will prioritize these requests, I hope this helps!

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I’m a one-person company, a design agency. I use Asana to track my own projects sometimes with clients. I wondered if there is a more one-person company that use Asana to organise their business. What are the best tricks and what challenges do you find?

Great Question. I am in the same boat. And get this question also a lot. And then to my shame I have to answer that you have to pay for 5 persons to use only one seat. Hopefully it will change.


Yes, I have been mentioning this to different people and platform. As It’s a great tool but a lot of one person people would find it too expensive.

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Hey, @Narcis_Sauleda, thanks for getting in touch. We already have a thread on this topic, so I’m merging your post. Please feel free to vote for this feature in the thread!

In regards to tips and tricks, I would recommend creating a new post in the Use Case Section of our Guide, and I’m pretty sure other users and our Certified Pros will be happy to share their tips with you :slight_smile:



Pretty much what I wanted to say. I cannot for the life of me understand why we users can’t opt to pay per user, allowing small one man projects to get started and familiar with Asana, then expand subscriptions as new people join the company.


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Could you take into account that Freelancer could be interested in your product but they don’t want/ cannot pay 4 unnecessary licences?

Can we please have this! When will it happen???

Im a freelancer but I am not paying for 5 seats when I only need one.


I have read numerous posts requesting Asana to introduce a solo user Plan for Premium. These posts go back some time and have attracted a large number of votes. Like many I am a freelance and love using Asana to organise my life but I am becoming increasingly frustrated that many key features, like setting tasks to repeat over an extended length of time are only available to Premium users, and if I want to upgrade I need to pay for five seats. By ignoring requests I think asana are missing a trick as there are many like me who don’t and will never have a team of people. I am perhaps more alarmed that despite extensive searching I cannot find any response to these repeated requests for a solo Premium package from asana, which is poor customer engagement.


I love Asana, so I was stunned to find out that the $9.99 premium plan is a scam . In reality, you have to pay at least $37.50/month . Why don’t you guys at Asana provide the solo plan so many of us have been asking for? You are losing a lot of money!


Yes! I’m a freelancer and, like everyone else, would like a Freelance/Solo version. I’m happy to pay but paying for 5 users when it’s just me seems excessive…


I use a paid Asana plan at work, and have a free one at home with my wife. I would love to be able to upgrade us to use the same things available at work.

In particular, I showed my wife the timeline on a dummy project, and she naturally asked “how much does it cost?”. I had only seen the headline costs before, and once I started digging and realised it would cost approximately £30/month (£25/month annually) and not £12/month for the two of us (£10/month annually) then it was clearly a non starter.