Please make a Premium Solo Plan


A couple of us are getting together to create a team. Let me know if you want to join.


A couple of us are getting together to create a team. Let me know if you want to join.

@MSP, @E112, @EK1 , @Peter_Costello, @Jay_Goouge, @Kathy_Rasmussens , @Summer_Coley-Ward, @Lynn_Moore, @Flower, @Lewis_Davie

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Hey, thanks for this – I was looking into whether any of my friends here in London would be interested in setting up a team, but I will definitely get in touch if I can’t find any :slight_smile:


Can you run me through how we would make it work, practically?


I will create a space and add you as a user. We would each create private projects so others won’t be able to see your tasks. There are probably done other factors we need to work out. If you have specific questions or suggestions, let me know.

I have thought about seeing it up as an organization and assigning everyone an alias using my own domain (all of those emails configured to automatically forward to your real email). I think this allows us unlimited guests that have a different email domain, but I didn’t know how you guys would feel about that since communications would flow through my email servers. Would you have a preference on that?


Hi folks,

Friendly reminder to use private messages to organise yourself; this is just to avoid confusion for other users :slight_smile:

cc @Data_Ninja @MSP


Really surprised there’s no single user plan. I’m in the UK and would happily pay for one seat @ $9…99/moth – but £25/month + VAT (5 seats) is insane for a productivity tool for one person.

Please take my money!

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Mindblowing this has not been implemented yet.

Due to this thread, I have now been checking out other providers who do offer plans to individuals. Asana are literally losing money because of this baffling decision.

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I remember asking Asana about it about a year ago too. Since no change has been made within a year (or more!) there is little hope so I have transferred all my tasks to Quire yesterday. Considering also nTask and others… Sorry Asana.


Would be nice to have premium with my spouse…


I wanted to move from Trello to Asana, but right now the premium plans are prohibitive. And the free features are pretty much the same as Trello.


It’s mind-boggling that given the high demand for this option, Asana keeps being that ignorant. Enabling this is likely a matter of days for a single dev, changing the configuration on the UI and the payment system. There is no new feature to be built for this. A lot of upside, and literally no downside.

The other side to this is that many startups that start small with 1 or 2-3 people will necessarily go with a different service and are lost to Asana as they grow. The 5 seat minimum is purely artificial and I have a hard time seeing a meaningful justification for this. Why would a company be so stubborn and potentially loose out on a lot of potential future customers growing into larger teams. That just doesn’t make any sense to me and is in no way near to being customer-obsessed.

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Still no official comment on that long lasting topic, why there is no Solo-Plan? I’m very sad as I badly need some of the premium features (e.g search) for my structure/workflow. But I definitely won’t afford a multi user plan, as a growing number of other services demand their monthly fee. Paying that much just for Asana isn’t worth the value in comparison to Evernote, G Suite, etc.

A high workload and a constantly postponing decision for this issue forces me to search for an available alternative product in this area, however I really love the UI and UX of Asana.


Exactly! Beyond the non-support for under 5 teams, my biggest gripe is the FALSE advertising. Not even a fine print to indicate that the pricing is tiered. NONE at all on their pricing page until you’re about to pay. That to me is nuts. Why make so many people angry that they are being misled? I thought that kind of practice went out ages ago!

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Not to mention the highly misleading pricing page. NO indication of pricing tier minimums, not a single fine print until I try to pay.

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Hi Michael,

I’m open to that idea.

Anyone else want to join in?


A lot of people use Asana as a tool to schedule and manage things other than commercial work projects. I switched from Trello and use Asana for studying and as a day-to-day calendar/to-do list. Even for non-commercial uses, I would happily pay for a single user account to upgrade to premium but you have a 5 account minimum order which will be out of reach for most non-commercial users and even a lot of freelancers starting out.

Searching this community, there’s a lot of demand for this and I it may not fit with your ideal SaaS pricing model but I think it’s more damaging to not listen to your potential customers.


@Sam_Moreton, I’m with you. I found this thread which seems to be the official request. Join us and upvote it there!


Not exactly a chorus in here. I had hoped to find more voices asking for this. Using Asana at work in a group of 30 users and have been inspired to set one up for personal use; but the lack of field management and other customizations for < $600/year will probably keep me in SmartSheet. Like others, I would pay $20/month for this.


Hi, just wanted to upgrade to Premium and found out I would need to pay a 5 user abonnement.

I’m a single user only as well.

What a pity!

Kind Regards,