Please make a Premium Solo Plan Topic Visible Again



Hi All, I’m wondering why this topic is not visible, does not have an accurate vote count and is not rising on the Product Feedback board based on replies, views and activity?

Please make a Premium Solo Plan - Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Can we get an explanation?


Thanks for reaching out, @Joseph_Simons. This post is still public in the Community Forum and lives in the “Product Feedback” category. The category filters to a certain time period when loaded, which may be why this topic is not showing in your view.

Regarding the vote count and rising in the board, this functionality is not currently set up in the Product Feedback category. This is something we are reviewing, and will considering adjusting as we plan for additional development of the Community Forum later this year.

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this, and we will work closely with Community champions and members during the forum development work to incorporate your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions into any new designs.

Let me know if you have additional thoughts or questions about this, and thanks again for reaching out!


Can you explain why this post is not appearing on the “Product Feedback” page?