"Please log in to Asana" changes language from English to Japanese

I was logged in in Asana and I got the traditional pop-up about re-login, so I clicked and got to this page:

I was able to log in correctly since the UI is intuitive but I guess the language switch is a bug ^^

Once logged in, the UI was back to English, no harm done, but surprising.

Using chrome latest

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Thanks for the report @Ambroise_Unly.org, I’m filling a bug as we speak! In order to help our team investigate, can you confirm at what time this happened and in which timezone you are?

Many thanks for your help!

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Happened 20mn ago, GMT+1 I believe (France)


This just happened to me, but in Spanish. My account’s language display setting is still set to “English”, however.

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Thanks @Taylor_McGrath, I’ve added your report to the bug and will make sure to loop you in when I have an update on my end :slight_smile: