Please consider rewording "See All Guides" in page footer

I found some strings in page footer which might be confusing.

Under “Resources”, there is a link to Asana Guide (
Under “Learn” (which is a list of pages), there is “See All Guides”.

  • “Resources”: I couldn’t come up with a good alternative for “Resources” (which would be a general term that provide various information to users).

  • “See All Guides”: How about changing “See All Guides” to something like “See All Articles” so that readers don’t confuse it with the link to Asana Guide?

I understand that each text on the pages are well-thought and have reasons to be chosen, so this is just my quick idea. Thanks!

Hi @ShunS, thank you for providing this feedback :raised_hands:t2:

I’ll pass this info on to our Content team and let you know if any changes are made :slight_smile:

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