Please Adjust Email Notifications

If I am the creator / owner of a project, I should be able to set the parameters for email notifications at the time of project creation. The fact that every single member I invite to the project gets spammed with email notifications is unacceptable. To force those individuals, who may or may not be familiar with Asana, to go hunt for their notification settings (which they can’t even do from a mobile device - they have to be on the desktop app) and modify them is extremely counter-intuitive and unprofessional.

Please enable project creators to have granular control over email notification settings. After years of folks requesting this feature, I can’t fathom why it hasn’t been implemented.

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Hi @Noah_Weiler and welcome to the Community Forum!

As the project owner and a project member, you should be able to manage notifications sent out for your projects from the project itself! Have a look at this handy article for more details and screenshots:

Hope this helps, but feel free to reach out if your have any follow-up questions!

Thanks Marie,

That does indeed help with App notifications, but does not include email notifications. The new user still gets email notifications for every update, and has to figure out how to turn these of themselves, from within their own desktop version of the app. We get tone of complaints on this, as some of the users are mobile-access only, and have no way to navigate to this area to turn email notifications on, off, or modify them selectively. Having the Project Creator/Owner be able to modify these email notifications would be ideal, particularly before inviting someone to the project.

Thanks again.