Please Add Color Coded Sections


I am a freelancer that works on 5-10 on-going projects monthly. I have hit a road block in my organization of the “my tasks” section.

I have laid it out in such a way that helps me see what I am working on in a given day, week, month and beyond. Below the Today priority section , is how I see what I am working on throughout the week or month. It is in the section I created called the “IN PROGRESS” section. These are large tasks that are broken down into subtasks. I then section that section out by team. Each team may have different projects within it(color coded). This allows me to jump in throughout the week to see how I am progressing through these tasks.

Right below it I created my own “TODAY” section. This is where my problem lies. In this section I similarly group together tasks by their team name. This allows me to see not only what I need to be working on that day, but in what area I need to be for a set of tasks which saves loads of time. The problem is, it is hard to discern the two sections I have created(“IN PROGRESS”, “TODAY”) because they look very similar. If you could allow me to color code the sections, I believe it would be very beneficial for all.


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