Please add ability to tag new tasks as they're created



When I create a task, I often tag it. At present I must create the task, then click to open it, then add a tag. Please add the ability to tag a new task during creation as you’ve already done with Description, Due Date, Attachments, and Followers.


Are you using the + at the top of the project/My tasks?
A way to make it easier is just hit enter after an existing task and it will allow you to add everything you need there and then.
Happy to share screenshots if needed.


If you use the + (from say a useful Advanced Search screen in which you are looking for tasks with a specific tag), you navigate away from that search when you press Enter. Annoying! You should be able to tag that task, then it would appear in your search results.


Jason, yes, it works fine if you hit return after a task. However, that doesn’t work while in a search. The + is consistently available across all screens, but it doesn’t allow tag entry. Therefore my request.