PLEASE Add a board activity feed (Like Trello)


I can’t stress this enough, this is the ONLY downside of Asana that I have seen. I’ve been using Trello for many years, but made the switch to Asana. Loving the inbox, assigning sub tasks etc.

The lack of a board activity feed however is very crippling for me. It is hard to manage a team and get a quick overview on progress being made when I can’t see it. It also prevents me from seeing even what I personally just did easily. What got moved, who wrote what where, etc. It’s such an easy addition, and whoever doesn’t like it, can just hide it.

Please and thank you!


+1 on this. very important. This feature is crucial and its absence is crippling. It is currently almost impossible to track time spent over the course of a day or week without a consolidated timeline of how and where I moved around Asana, what was checked off and when, where comments were posted and when, etc.