PLanning my working hours in Asana for my colleguages



I work half-time at an agency, and I have the freedom to plan my week: I decide how I work my hours through the week.

While this is the best I can imagine, it can be frustrating to my colleguages to know when I am available on certain days.

I would like to write the hours I am available in in my calendar, so my colleguages could see my working hours and they could plan with it when they would like to assign me to a task.

Thank you for the help in advance, I could not find the answer to these question!



This would definitely come in handy with my team and even more so as we work to introduce Asana across our entire Company.


Resource Mgmt in Asana is on my wish list


Hi @Reisz_Soma, @Stace and @Mark_Nattress :wave:t3:

Resource management is on its way and will be available with our Business plan ( If you’re interested in discussing this further, have a look at this thread in which my colleague Christa from the User Experience Team is asking for your feedback!

In the meantime, I would suggest adding a OOO section in your project with a task for each day. You could clearly indicate in the title of each tasks what time you’re available at for example.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Marie :wave:- Yes, this is how indicate vacations and ooo’s now. We have a section in our projects for availability entries. I’m headed over to your thread recommendation now. Thanks.