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Hello everyone! I hope someone here can help me, as I’m quite in difficulty. I work for a non-profit association for which I obtained a 50% discount code. In the association, there are about 25 people, and we expect that over time, more or less everyone will start using Asana. Invitations to Asana have been sent to colleagues, but only for the free plan. Now, initially, we activated only 2 accounts. If I’m not mistaken, following Asana support’s advice, I created a team called “Asana team” and proceeded to upgrade that team for 2 people. Our plan is to gradually bring in various teams (Science team, communication, etc.) to better manage the onboarding process. Now, however, I’m having problems upgrading the Science team. It doesn’t appear in the admin console, even though I created it along with all the others. It’s as if the admin console is disconnected from the rest of Asana, yet there are various teams and people (at least in theory, as no one is using the program yet). Support explained to me that, by proceeding team by team, if a person is present in more than one team, we would have to pay for their seat more than once. The solution would be to:

  1. cancel the annual plan purchased for the “Asana team” of 2 people
  2. receive a refund
  3. upgrade the plan from a “team” level to an “organization” level
  4. choose the people to include among those in our organization.

Is this process correct? Is it possible to first upgrade to the organization level, choose the number of seats, and then assign those seats to individuals? The support team responds to me with worrying slowness. It’s difficult for me to follow the procedures. I simply want to be able to activate Asana for my colleagues. I am excited to start, but it seems there are too many obstacles in the way.

Thanks for your patience; I hope someone can help me. Greetings, Eugenio

Partial response here:

  1. First of all, are you sure we are talking about literal “Teams”? If so, this appears incorrect: “Support explained to me that, by proceeding team by team, if a person is present in more than one team, we would have to pay for their seat more than once.” That might make sense for Workspaces or Organizations. NOT for Teams. Anybody can be part of 100 Teams with only 1 seat payable.

  2. For such a small non-profit org as you have, there may be little or no reason to even have Teams at all. [Other than a single one, I mean…that is unavoidable.] Only have different Teams if you want the functionality that you derive from it, which IMO is quite limited. I’d recommend starting with a single Team for the whole org and then only consider further Teams if you really find you need them.

  3. You probably don’t want or need multiple Workspaces or Organizations. Don’t create multiples here until/unless you find that a single one doesn’t work for you. It will be way easier to create your 2nd such entity later than to have multiples now and try to merge later.

So, I’d recommend carefully clarifying whether you are talking about Teams, Workspaces, Organizations, or something else. Start with the simplest structure possible, and simply add poeple there.

Try these resources:

Good luck!


Sorry for the trouble.

Perhaps @Hella or someone else from the Nonprofits team could help here?

I won’t attempt a full answer here because it’s complicated, but in short, if your goal is to allow most of your people to continue on the free plan, and only gradually add the specific people you specify to the upgraded plan, then what you likely want is a “Division” plan (not multiple “Team” plans).

If you want to simplify things, just have one “Organization” plan but if you have 25 people already with accounts using email addresses with your org’s domain name, you’ll be charged for them all immediately.



first thanks @lpb and @Stephanie_Oberg1 for your answers which really helped me. Indeed I was wrong, our “team Asana” was a division, not a team.
I think that it may be much much easier (and doable by myself) to just work with the division plan that we have.
If I understand, I can just add the existing team (on the free organization level) to the division and add the users to the plan (right?). And repeat the process for other teams when we’ll be ready.
It sounds much more flexible than going straight to the organization plan… Am I right?

@Stephanie_Oberg1 you may be right about using or not using teams in Asana. To be quite honest, setting Asana for my org it’s being a challenging journey for me! And I know that solutions that I am trying now may not be the best for the future. I think we could use the messages features and also the shared calendar… Maybe they are other ways to do that

@lpb looking forward for next No profit AMA… thanks for your time doing that!

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You described the process correctly of adding teams to your division to give those teams (the members in them) access to the paid features and only then be charged for them (and you’ll only be once charged for a member in multiple teams in your one division).

I sympathize with you; navigating the setup is complicated with all the different options available and the many rules. I’m happy to report that the day-to-day use of Asana will be much easier than this!

Thanks for the nice comment about my monthly Asana AMA for Nonprofits!