Picture quality in printed PDF



Hi there,

I would like to ask for help.
Situation: you print the task to PDF file and it does content pictures. Is there a way to set up the quality of pictures?
Currently the pictures in PDF are in low resolution.

Thank you!



Hi @Florian_Becze - Happy to try to help on this.

What browser are you using? If you’re in Chrome, when you Print to Save to a PDF file, you can open “More Settings” (screenshot below) and then change the layout and scale of the content.

Does this help at all with the resolution?


Hi @Kaitie,

thank you for your hint. Unfortunately it won´t help :frowning: I don´t have an issue with scale of a picture, but with a resolution and DPI. Even if I add a very good quality picture to a task, in the PDF, the picture has very poor quality.