Picking up a project template using a Zapier Zap



I’m using Zapier to create a new project every time a row is added to a Google Sheet. At the moment, you can only create a new blank project. My questions are:

  1. Can I apply a Project Template to an existing project?, or,
  2. Will Zapier include the ability to identify a specific Project Template when creating a new project from a new Google Sheet row?


We’ve hacked our way around that issue.

We have templates as well.
(1) We first create the project with the template.
(2) We export that template into google sheets
(3) We the use a zap to update the task names, assignees & due dates.

However, we’re running into some bugs with multi-project task relationships getting lost once the zap is run.


Actually that bug has been fixed and is working smoothly.


I think I get it. But you have to create a project inside of asana every time, correct? Then export the new project as a CSV?
You can’t force an updated field on a Gsheet to create a new project using a template, can you?


@Lewis_Schiff yes, you’re correct. At this time we don’t have a clean way to automate: for every new line in this spreadsheet, go into asana and create a project with X template.

It’s a hack for sure. My team finds it relatively low lift to (1) create a new project using the template with all it’s interdependencies, (2) naming the project (3) adding a due date on one task (4) adding one or two KEY assignees for the project.

Then the rest is automated (updating task names, adding relative due dates, adding task assignments etc).

One caveat to this hack, we can automate so easily b/c google sheets only exports 250 lines before truncating and our templates run around 50 lines. You’d run into google export issues if your templates have more than 250 tasks.


Asana really need to do something about automation. would be perfect.