PHP SDK Maintenance

The PHP SDK has quite a number of errors and deprecations but it looks like there’s not much activity in the repo to fix the issues and update the code to reflect new asana API changes.

Is Asana maintaining the Sdk? And any reason why it’s not being updated? It’s become difficult to use it as I always have to resort to the rest API because it keeps giving me errors.

For instance, whilst creating a task with the method, $client->tasks->createTask(),

  1. Even though tasks is a property on the $client that we can call, it shows an error in the IDE that the method does not exist.
  2. After creating the task, it should be returning the task, but there’s a deprecation error thrown even whilst returning the task from the create though the task is created.

This is the deprecation error I get:

  "message": "This request is affected by the \"new_user_task_lists\" deprecation. Please visit this url for more info:\nAdding \"new_user_task_lists\" to your \"Asana-Enable\" or \"Asana-Disable\" header will opt in/out to this deprecation and suppress this warning."

This is an error that should be resolved at the Asana sdk level I think.