Photo timestamp and management attached to projects

would be nice to spend a little energy on the files/attachments section of this. you could take business from CompanyCam and get more contractors on board if you were to provide an easy way to take, timestampt and upload photos directly to a project - along with a few photo management features. We would stop using companycam in a second and dedicate more subscription budget to ASANA if you had that.

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Do you mean things such as the ability to organize the attachments in folders? If so here is an existing feedback request to vote.

Now the attachments do have a timestamp of when they were added
or is it something else you are interested in?

Another feature that exists is that when you open an attachment you can use the “add feedback” , so called proofing feature: Proofing in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

HI Andrea,

With CompanyCam, I can quickly snap photos at a jobsite and have each automatically timestamped and geotagged as they automatically upload to the job folder —great for insurance clain/work verification. Their subscription cost is competitive, but if you integrate this feature, you might attract their users, often engaged in construction project management. Builders are VERY tech-resistant, BUT they’ve embraced CompanyCam. Lessons to be learned here, I believe. - Mike

Thanks for the feedback, the category Product Feedback is a good place for it. fyi neither Andrea nor me work at Asana.

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