Persons/projects/etc. in plain text email show as incomprehensible urls


The plain text versions of emails from asana are impossible to understand when the content refers to other resources. The plain text version shows the url to the resource instead of the name of the resource.

For example a HTML email:

I asked Harm Geerts about Project.

The equivalent plain text version would be.

I asked app.asana. com/XXX/XXXXX/XXXXXXX about app.asana. com/XXX/XXXXX/YYYYYYYY.

The asana urls do not contain any useful information about the resource and this makes the plain text version very hard to understand when references to other resources are used.

I’d like to see the name of the resource to be used in the body of the message and all references with urls to be listed at the bottom of the email. For example:

I asked [Harm Geerts] about [Project].

[Harm Geerts] app.asana. com/XXX/XXXXX/XXXXXXX
[Project] app.asana .com/XXX/XXXXX/YYYYYYYY

Thanks for your time!
note: the urls have intentionally been mangled to workaround the 2 link limitation for new users…