Personal vs. Team/Business Accounts


Newbie here. Sorry if this has been addressed, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Loving Asana for team projects at work. If I would like to use this in my personal life, would I be creating a different account for my personal/home use? It appears so, but if there were a way to link them at, that might be handy instead of logging in/out if I’m working from home. We have our own business domain, with a “work” email. I would hate to work and personal information to somehow get mixed and accessible. We are still in trial mode with the free version - I am the initialization admin. TIA


Hey Lorraine! Congrats on leading the charge =)

For personal projects/etc. there is a ‘Personal Projects’ dropdown (where you access your profile settings/etc.) image

You won’t create a new account, because your account is just your account - I’m part of 4-5 organizations with the same Asana account. You can tie your personal email to your personal workspace and only get emails from the personal stuff sent to your personal email.

To learn more about that, check out this page and the email notif/from email points!

Hope this helps =) Let me know if you need anything else.


Perfect! Thanks. Just what I was looking for. Already set up!


@Lorraine_Williams I prefer to put my personal tasks in a Private Project in my business organization, reason I use filters for all my Next Action’s so if I am near a phone (GTD method) and want to know all people I can call now regardless if its personal or business I can have this, but if you have the personal calls in the “Personal Projects workspace” they won’t come up in the filter