Personal Projects to Personal Workspace?

So, Personal Projects are going away. I have moved all my stuff from my Personal Projects to a Personal workspace. The thing is, though, some of the most basic features (e.g., advanced search) doesn’t exist in a unpaid version of a workspace. I can’t justify paying $11 per month for Asana for my personal use just to have advanced search. I can understand requiring a premium version of Asana to create reports, but to simply search the data? That seems off to me.

Are there any plans to move the advanced search to the free tier? Are there any plans for a tier between the free and premium tier, a tier that is really for individual, personal use?

Didn’t know these were going away, is there a date set? Guess I’ll have to figure out how to migrate them

@Corey2, Asana support suggested this: I tried it and it worked great. Not all Asana features are supported, though.

thanks I just exported them all as a csv and then imported them into a private project under my work account

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