Personal and Organization

I use Asana both for my personal and professional/work tasks. For me, I find the extra time needed to switch to personal workspace, and organization a bit difficult to sustain.

Perhaps there is a way to see both in one place?

Hey @Jan_Go
having two tabs open at the same time on desktop works for example.

Have you tried that? Or it‘s not ideal for you?


This may work albeit I often use the application in my mobile devices. This can work when I am in the office where I am working using my laptop. Thank you.

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I see, ok for mobile I recommend to upvote here: Switching Between Multiple Asana Accounts in iOS

And this might work for you as well: Switching Between Multiple Asana Accounts in iOS - #98 by Jerod_Hillard

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Hi @Jan_Go, if you are interested in having all tasks in one place you might be interested in voting for this feature here: Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces :slight_smile: We don’t have any immediate plans to launch this option but we will post any updates in the main feedback thread.

Thanks @Emily_Roman I voted for this feature. Hopefully we can have this feature where we can have a summary of personal (Workspace), and organization related tasks, all in a single view.

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