Permit long subtasks to wrap in mobile (they already do in web app)


In the web app version of Asana long subtasks wrap, but in the mobile (or Android at least), they are truncated and do not wrap.

I’d really like to be able to have the mobile version wrap too, and have both versions be consistent.

This may seem minor, but it actually ends up governing how one uses Asana overall, and makes that decision dependent on whether you use the web app or mobile, and often one uses both, which becomes a real problem.

For example, long subtasks are pretty unusable on mobile now; since they truncate, you have to tap each one serially to see in full; that’s painful if there are many. This fact has caused me to switch to using the Description/Notes field which does wrap, instead of subtasks (and subtask sections). But generally I find the use of subtasks and subtask sections preferable to using Description/Notes because of the nicer structured presentation that comes automatically that way (saving the time of adding boldface and blank lines in Description/Notes), and the easy drag and drop (which would require careful copy/paste in Description/Notes).

(I know there are many who advocate against subtasks, but when used properly they are incredibly useful, and I use them an awful lot and never have a problem. There are plenty of improper uses of subtasks, but plenty of proper ones too that make organizing content/tasks far easier.)

I understand there’s limited space on mobile and that’s probably the reason for this inconsistency: so that on mobile much of the small screen is not taken up by a single, long subtask. But a quick scroll gets past the subtask, and if the user doesn’t like long subtasks, then they shouldn’t enter them! But they’re enticing to use in the web app version, until you end up needing to see that task on mobile and then you really wish you didn’t.

Might you consider a change to just make subtasks wrap on mobile?

If not, could you at least consider the notion of a Hack setting for “Wrap subtasks on mobile” to enable us to have better consistency between web and mobile?

Thanks for considering…