Permissions for template projects



With the new templates feature, I was hoping to put the actual template projects into ‘Private’ mode, just so I could restrict the ability to edit the actual template. This seems to remove the ability for users to see the template when they go to create a project. I would rather keep those template master projects private so as not to clutter their space and control edits being made to them. Is this possible?


Hi @Ben1

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. I even tried archiving the project, but that removes its template status. I do think there’s an argument for having a read-only or restricted option on projects that get saved as templates.

For now, I’ve created a private back-up copy (just in case), and dragged our template project right down to the bottom of the project list in the sidebar.


Thanks for the insight, Mark. It certainly would be helpful to keep those things out of users views just to simplify the project lists!


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