Permission on Asana


Hello Everybody

I would like, to give my feedback about the right available on asana, it would be great when you put someone under the right “can comment” to allow him the possibility to assigne himself to a task at the moment they can’t.

Why ? because with the permission “can edit” they can create the task, but also create a lot of usuless task by miss clicking for example, and this is problematic for everyone and a waste of licence or time when you have to delete all the usuless.

With the permission “can comment” they can’t anymore create a task, but they can’t also decide themself to take a task and work on it !
it’s also problematic because the manager have to assigne the task to someone, when you have 10 task and 5 people working on asana is quick but when it’s like 200 task with 50 people on asana it’s a waste of time for the manager.

It would be also great, if the user under the permission “can comment” could have the possibility to acces at the option “time tracking” in the task , at the moment this kind of permission don’t let them acces to this option.

Thanks in advance for any imporvement you will made
Best Regards


Hi @Baptiste

I can certainly empathise with your point about people creating empty tasks or accidentally clicking in the wrong place, but I tend to think that’s a training issue rather than a software issue. It seems a bit over-complicated to start refining Asana to specific requirements, rather than just address the issue with individuals. I also wonder if it sends a negative message: ‘I trust you to read updates and assign yourself tasks but not to edit; you might mess that up.’

Personally, if I had an issue with one or two colleagues consistently making accidental errors, I’d offer extra training. Failing that, I’d create an advanced report for all tasks created by them, share it with them, and ask them to delete their own empty ones.

‘Can comment’ is great for sharing read-only information, but if you’re going to ask someone to do the work, I think you’ve got to trust them with editing privileges. Otherwise, there’s a deeper issue.