Periodic Project Review After




I currently manage 100’s of projects in Asana (Accounts) and need a way to be reminded to periodically review each project/account - without cluttering my tasks list. Omnifocus does this very well with the Review feature. Review this project after… As a work-around in Asana, I have created tasks not assigned to me (I am a solo-user), but tagged with “Review” that is set to repeat every four months - hell or high water. My problem is that because I have sooo many projects to review, I often get behind. It would be very nice to have - at the Progress Level - to be reminded to provide an update after 4 months… or be reminded to review the project x-months/days after the last review.

I am currently off-loading all of my Asana projects into Omnifocus - with a link bak to Asana, simply for this feature.

Thank you!


One solution would be to have a project called “Master view” and inside a task for each project. Inside each task you put a @-mention to the given project. In the “Master view” you can have a custom field “Review Status” of type drop-down with “To Do” and “Done”. And you review them step by step. When you are done, reset all the statuses at once.


Bastien - Genius! Your comment got me thinking, I think a modified version of your solution will work just fine.

Each project has a task, “Review - Project Name”. Each was tagged “Review” and had a recurring date of every four months.

My goal is to review ~5 projects each morning when possible - which makes the recurring due date unnecessary - if I have a list as you suggest.

I created a Project called “Project Review” and added it to my favorites. I have two sections, “Review Next” and “Done”. The plan is to add each of the Review Tasks to the Project Review project, under the heading/section “Review Next”

I can start in the Project Review project, select the task at the top, navigate to the project to review, and when done, just change the section (dropdown).

After all projects have been reviewed and processed in this way, I can just rename/change the section headers and start over.

No more having lists of massive amount of tasks with red past-due dates that just cause stress!!

Thanks so much!!