Per seat pricing


I’m in the process of starting a company. Buying 5 seats at the beginning was little like “argh” but I had 4 people and added one later in the month. I am adding a new team member, so we will be six but now I have to pay for 10. I have no idea when I will have 10 people. It’s certainly some months away. This is an incredibly unfair thing, especially for a small company just starting out. If there’s the ability to subscribe to Asana with fewer seats under 5 (which I just found out there is) why can’t we just add per seat = ESPECIALLY for 1-20 seats. After 20, go up to 25 with the next tier, fine. But now I’m paying twice the amount per month when I just have one new team member. I just think this is incredibly unfair and would really appreciate any movement that can be made to remedy the situation ASAP. I can’t be the only one with this problem.

Hi @Jennifer_Sullivan, thanks for reaching out.

We are currently not planning to implement add-ons for single users but we will make sure to let you know and update the main thread if we have any plans in the future!

Thanks for this feedback, Jennifer :slight_smile:

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