People field in Portfolios

It would be great if it was possible to add the “People” field in Portfolios. The goal would be to have fields for each role in a project, to be able to see key roles at a glance in Portfolio view (the “Project Owner” that’s added by default is not sufficient). Currently, this is not possible.

Ideally in the future, we’d be able to create rules that say “If Role = X Person, add to Y Portfolio”, so that various team members can be served a Portfolio specific to their workstream.


I bet this is definitely coming. Asana does what’s called “fast follow”. After the release only the core of a feature, they do a follow up to add the feature elsewhere (search, rules, forms etc)

I hope this helps.


Do we know if this functionality is coming to the Portfolio function ?

It probably is, they just released the Date field in Portfolio fyi.