"People" does not show up in the sidebar.

I know that “People” only shows 7 people, but I don’t have “People” in the sidebar at all.

And I can’t find a setting to control that.


Hi @Glenn_Downing , welcome to the forum :wave:

I beleive the ‘People’ section in the sidebar is currently an A/B test so, as such, there is no option to enable/disable this.

Actually, it has been appearing and disappearing in and out of my client’s Asana spaces (as well as some of mine) over the past few months!

Perhaps @Emily_Roman can be kind enough to provide some more insight…?

Thank you, Richard! Yep, it’s on for some of my teammates, but not for me! :frowning:

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Hi @Richard_Sather and @Glenn_Downing, we are currently A/B testing the people section in the sidebar and it’s currently available to 50% of customers. I will share an update in this thread if we decide to launch it to all customers after the test :raised_hands:


Thank you, Emily.

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