Pending items on my phone are stuck - cannot stop for continue even I am online



Some of my offline activities are stuck and cannot go further/delete or stop

I have 7 offline actions pending sync -state (including video file uploading) but I can change mu profile picture on my phone - obviously not a connection problem.

If I can stop or delete the pendings, it won’t be a problem. I can do them in my computer again.

BUT!.. I can’t do anything to them… log in/out/ turn off and on again nothing worked.
(Just for sure, the internet connection is fine and as mentioned, I can change my ASANA profile)

This can be a heavy problem for me - if the pending items suddenly started when I am using mobile LTE network, my cell phone fee will be a disaster…

Do you have any suggestions for this problem?


Dear asana team,

what kind of option you can provide to solve this issue? I have the same. There are offline actions which are still on hold, even if i have wlan? How i can finally sync them, that everything is align again? Now i have already 20 Offline Actions and i don’t know and can’t see why it is stucking. Would be good to have the option to have an influence to regulate a specific action that makes the problem, that this maybe doesnt effect the other actions? Seems to be, if this would be the problem? So how i can finish the syncing so that the alert info dialog disappear and everything is synced from my smartphone with the web app?


woooo… it wasn’t fixed yet. Try uninstall the ASANA app, turn off your cell phone, and install again in WLAN online status - I don’t know the difference(and even how…) but it didn’t worked in cell phone network.
Anyway, uninstall/install in WLAN environment worked for me. I think is there any way to clear the ASANA cache(?) , it will work

Good Luck!