PDF Attachment Save/Download Behaviour



I’m confused about PDF attachments to tasks. Sometimes clicking opens them for viewing in a new tab. Other times it downloads them. I can’t find any obvious logic to which way it’s going to go.

Personally I’d prefer all PDFs opened in a new tab. Does anyone know why this varies, and is there anything in the works to make it more consistent?


@ceturley, all .pdf files handled by the build-in browser support and you can view them at your tab. The same happened with png and jpg files. Any other file that browser cannot handle it, will be download. It’s the first time I read that a browser automatically downloads a pdf file.


Thanks @Diakoptis I have experimented some more and think I found the problem. As far as I can tell, the files that downloaded all had .PDF in caps as the extension rather than .pdf in lowercase.


I have another situation.

Pdf-attachments are opened in a new tab if they were uploaded manually through asana UI.
All attachments that were uploaded via API are downloadable only.

So I uploaded one attach manually and another one via API.
Then I tried to compare html code for attachment links on page - no difference.
I requested these two documents via API, but they have identical attributes.

Don’t know where to dig further


Solved the problem by sending content_type parameter.