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My business currently use Asana to report on the speed of onboarding new companies. We pull reports from our Asana project portfolio through Google Sheets integration, as it automatically updates live documents.

One issue is that when we have an external factor that is impeding the delivery of an onboarding project, we will pause the SLA until the issue is resolved. Historically, this means we will find a suitable new completion date, and calculate the new onboarding time (ignoring the external delay). Thus far, I have found it impossible to pause the project on the portfolio, and so accordingly the Google Sheet reports that we have missed our SLA.

Does anyone have a resolution or workaround for this issue?

Hi @Jonty_Wilkinson and thank you for reaching out!

I’m afraid I can’t think of a great workaround to provide you here but I’m pinging @lpb who might be able to assist you with this.

P.S.: I’ve noticed you have created another post regarding this topic so I’m merging it here to avoid duplications. I hope It’s OK and apologies for not being a great helper with this topic!

We are currently using Asana’s - Google Sheets integration to report on all our onboarding projects. We find sheets provides excellent visibility on the progress of tasks and the overall reporting on sheets is incredibly useful.

However, often due to external factors beyond our control, we put projects on hold and so pause their progress. Currently on Asana we have no way to pause a project other than assigning the tag “Paused”. The issue that arises is when we look at the reports on Sheets, it states we have missed the deadline and so our SLA is missed too. Is there any way to temporarily pause a project? Or a work around that ensures Google Sheets reporting can take out the project from our portfolio.


Thanks @Natalia and hi @Jonty_Wilkinson,

There are a few ways to reflect in Google Sheets if a project is paused, but your use of a tag is not one of them, so you’ll have to add or switch to another approach I’m afraid. One way is to make a company-wide custom field called “Paused?” and add a single option value: :heavy_check_mark: If paused, set that value, otherwise use the empty/blank/default value (so you shouldn’t be burdened by this generally as the default will be correct most times). This will become another regularly-updated column (in an hour) in Google Sheets at the far right of tabs 2 and 3 which both contain your portfolio and other data.

I’m not sure how you’re using Google Sheets now, but you may want to read to see the suggestion that you can make your own tab or add columns to structure/filter the data for your needs. In your case there are a number of ways to accomplish your basic need, I think, of filtering rows where Paused? is checked. Then the remaining displayed rows should be just the ones you care about…assuming I’m understanding your need correctly.

If I recall, @Mark_Hudson has used Google Sheets more than me, so maybe he has some thoughts?



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