Paste a task URL to move the task



Moving tasks into subtasks or vice versa is a pain. What if we could just paste the url into the title of a newly created subtask and that would move it? Could also work for moving tasks from one project to another.


You should be able to just drag tasks into the subtasks section or drag them out. What part of that is a pain?


Hi @Jeff_Lane. We’re doing testing and have had to temporarily remove this feature for a percentage of users as part of our focus on updating the speed and performance of Asana. Don’t worry, we plan to bring this feature back soon!

Our team is working behind the scenes to help Asana load faster and perform better for users, and we’re hoping to have some big announcements about these changes (and hopefully you’ll see a difference too)!

I have passed your feedback on to our product team for review. In the meantime, you can still move a task to a different project by clicking on the pencil at the top of the right pane, above the task title. You can also open this field by pressing Tab+P on your keyboard. From there you can edit the project that the task is in, or even add it to multiple projects at once!

My apologies for the inconvenience, but I do hope this workaround helps!


Let’s say I am in the Boards view and I have a subtask open. I want to make that subtask into a subtask of a different card. How would I easily do this?


I wasn’t aware that this feature ever existed, but glad to hear it will be returning!