Paperform Alternatives

I am currently using Paperforms to collect info from customers off our website. From there I am using Zapier to pull the information into Asana to create the task.

The issue I have is Asana does not support the Zapier integration that allows for the selection of dropdown item.

So while I can create the task name and bring in text fields, I have to update the Asana dropdown field manually and select what option my customer selected on the webform…this kind of defeats the purpose.

Does anyone have any suggestions of easy to use embeddable form apps that will allow a tighter integration with Asana that will allow for the dropdown fields to be automatically selected in Asana?

Asana if you are listening, please fix your Zapier integration to allow this.

There is actually a way you can do this in Zapier using its “lookup” feature; see this thread for details:

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